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The name is Michael. I'm 20 and living in Stafford in the UK. I do Games Design at Staffordshire University. I write poetry and it seems that Blink-182 and RoosterTeeth consume all of my time.

Just followed a load of blogs that I used to follow on the blog before this, so if I followed you today that’s probably why :D



Soooo, when Skins came around to America it was a pretty big sensation. A lot of my friends were watching it, so I thought to give it a try. I watched an episode and liked it, but after hearing that there was a UK version and that it was a lot better, I gave into buying the first two seasons of the UK skins. And let me tell you, even though you probably have heard this a 1,000x, UK skins > US skins in SO many ways. The shows are the exact same story pretty much, but the UK one has better acting, better music, better storyline, and is more real. 


I’ve watched the frist two seasons in 2 weeks. I’m in love with the show, but I’m sad to hear that this generation will come to an end. I LOVVEDDD UK Skins 1st generation cast. 


Anyhow, I LOVE the theme song. It makes me so happy. So, I’d thought I share it with you. It makes me feel carefree and puts me into the same mindset as the characters on the show. 


Enjoy loves (:

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The lonely island - great day

Best thing ever.

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